Discovering our professions: Clinical Data Manager

Sébastion Lecomte, in charge of clinical Data Management, presents its profession and the importance of Data Management in clinical study

Le métier de Data Manager

Sébastien Lecomte – in charge of Data Management

« The profession of Data Manager is a job that requires a lot of rigor, the sponsor is at the heart of his attention and the Data Manager strives to meet all its needs. The two key words are flexibility and adaptability.

Data Management can be defined by three guiding ideas, three leitmotivs. The first idea is the creation of a structure, a skeleton, a database that can collect clinical data of a patient. The second idea is to ensure the quality and consistency of the data. And the third idea is to ensure the consistency of these data regarding to a protocol. The key point is that the cleaner the database is, the more accurate the statistical analysis will be.

To conclude, we can say that in Soladis Clinical Studies, there is a team of Data Managers who can now respond to different offers and even comprehensive and large-scale offers. Indeed, Soladis Clinical Studies has a multi-skilled team that can answer different issues, since each data manager has his own, technical, functional and regulatory expertise. All these elements constitute the main strength of Soladis Clinical Studies.»

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