Discovering ou professions: Chief Medical Officer

Pierre Clerson, founder and Chief Medical Officer of Soladis Clinical Studies tells us the role of the doctor/ medical writer in clinical research.

Le métier de Directeur Médical

Pierre Clerson – Chief Medical Officer of Soladis Clinical Studies

«The role of the Chief Medical Officer is to define the context of a research. It is possible to collect all the data you want but if there is no clinical common sense, if there is no macro thinking on the objective of the sponsor and the positioning of the problem within a scientific movement, everything you do is useless. Only the doctor or the Scientific Director can put into perspective, valorize, contextualize the results of the research. Furthermore, the Chief Medical Officer is the key collaborator able to talk with doctors on equal footing, to understand their clinical question.

Today we have a rule that has always been that of Soladis: the constant pursuit of excellence. Although the sector is evolving, we must be the best in everything we do in order to deliver the best performance and the most efficient service possible.

At a given moment, in a given situation.

The ideal collaborator for Soladis Clinical Studies is a motivated and curious person who wants to be involved in teamwork. The value chain is delivered by a team with people who collaborate, work together and do their best for the success of their mission. The ideal collaborator is therefore someone who has a good team spirit, who has the sense of scientific curiosity and who has the will to constantly challenge oneself. »

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