Pouly JL1Olivennes F2Massin N3Celle M4Caizergues N5Contard F5French CONSORT Study Group.


This prospective, multicentre, observational study assessed usability and utility (co-primary endpoints) of the consistency in r-hFSH starting doses for individualized treatment (CONSORT) calculator in French routine clinical practice. Physicians first planned their recombinant human follicle-stimulating hormone (r-hFSH) starting dose. The CONSORT calculator was then used to recommend a starting dose.

Data were collected for 197 women aged 18–35 years undergoing ovarian stimulation.
The usability rate was high: 44/45 (97.8%) physicians found CONSORT user-friendly and easy to use for ≥75% of patients. Utility data showed that physicians followed the CONSORT recommendation for 89/197 (45.2%) patients. Reasons given for not following the CONSORT-calculated dose (N = 108) included: the CONSORT-calculated dose was too divergent from the planned dose (48.1%; 52/108) and/or the CONSORT-calculated dose did not correspond to the patient profile (46.3%; 50/108).
The mean ± SD starting dose of r-hFSH planned by physicians was 163.9 ± 51.2 IU; the mean (SD) starting dose recommended by the CONSORT calculator was 119.7 ± 20.9 IU and the mean (SD) dose actually prescribed to patients was 151.7 ± 51.1 IU. Despite low physician-reported utility in this study, post-hoc analyses suggest the CONSORT calculator has potential for use in routine clinical practice.


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