Bobrie G1Clerson PCuchet AMahmoudi APostel-Vinay NChatellier G.



Masked hypertension (MH) and uncontrolled hypertension (UCH) have both bad prognosis. The influence of measurement circumstances on MH prevalence and reproducibility are little known.


To evaluate the prevalence and reproducibility of MH after excluding confusing factors [method and time of blood pressure (BP) measurement, antihypertensive treatment] by a standardization procedure.


2189 hypertensive patients (61+/- 12 years, men 57%) having been treated in monotherapy by an angiotensin II receptor inhibitor for at least 8 weeks Were evaluated in a French multicenter prospective observational survey. Three BP successive office measurements were performed by the GPs during 2 visits (V) at similar times 13 +/- 9 days apart (BP: V1 149 +/- 19 / 85 +/- 11 mmHg, V2 145 +/- 19/83 +/- 11 mmHg) and home BP self-measurements (HBPM) were performed morning and evening for 3 consecutive days (HBPM morning + evening : n=18 +/- 1; 142 +/- 16/81 +/- 9 mmHg) and at the time of the visit (daytime HBPM: n=9 +/- 1; 140 +/- 16/80 +/- 10 mmHg) by the patients (Omron-705CP).


[table: see text].


the observed MH prevalence is similar to previous published studies and is independent of: treatment, BP measurement methods, measurements frequency and HBPM time but it depends on office BP values. Consequently, its reproducibility is directly dependent of the quality of office BP measurements.

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