Ziégler M1de Broucker TDamier PHumbert RClerson PRichard-Berthe C.


Handipark, a new score for measuring the impact of Parkinson’s disease on daily life activities is presented. The global score ranging from 1 to 10 (without half points) is easy to determine. For a given patient, the score takes into account 5 items describing the global impact of the disease;Inter- and intra-observer reproducibility were determined. The reliability of the score was tested during two sessions separated by a 3-week interval. Five qualified neurologists scored 30 Parkinson’s patients presented randomly for scoring using a semi-structured video-recorded interview. Intra-observer reproducibility was good (concordance coefficient; k=0.74, Spearman’s correlation coefficient; r=0.88). Inter-observer reproducibility was also good: r=0.96 (first session), r=0.87 (second session); the agreement coefficient between the 5 observers was k=0.85 (first session), k=0.82 (second session). Distribution curves of the Hanipark score was described in 150 Parkinson’s disease patients to study the correlation with items of other scales specific for Parkinson’s disease (UPDRS, Hoehn & Yahr). A number significant correlations were found. Handipark is a reliable tool easy to use in clinical practice by a large panel of physicians caring for Parkinson’s disease patients to assess the impact of Parkinson’s disease. Further studies are needed to assess its usefulness for the follow-up of patients and assess the therapeutic impact.

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