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Authors: N Postel-Vinay 1F-X Blanc 2O Steichen 3B Housset 4P Clerson 5P Eveillard 6C Leroyer 7N Roche 8

Abstract: The Pneumo-Quest self-questionnaire was developed to standardize the practice of recollection when welcoming a new patient. It consists of 82 main questions and 34 subsidiary questions to be completed at home by the patients before their first visit to a pulmonologist. This evaluation was carried out on the basis of 137 returned questionnaires. The feasibility (main criterion) was good with 93±5% of the questions answered and an average completion time of 15.1±9.8minutes (mean±SD). The reliability of the responses (secondary criterion) was good with the agreement between the patient’s response and the doctor’s opinion being excellent or good for the majority of medical histories and treatments, as evidenced by the high values of the kappa coefficient (>0.90; <0.90; <0.75). Patient and physician perception of the questionnaire was good with 99% and 90% positive ratings, respectively. The use of the questionnaire was unhelpful in the course of the consultation in only 2% of cases. Doctors found the tool useful for obtaining a comprehensive history in 87% of cases and patients declared that it helped them “forgot nothing” in 93% of the cases. The questionnaire helped the doctor to identify the patient’s problems rapidly in 71% of cases and saved time in 64%. These positive results encourage a wide dissemination of the questionnaire (www.pneumo-quest.com).

Keywords: Anamnèse; Dossier médical; Histoire médicale; Maladies respiratoires questionnaire patient; Medical history; Medical records; Patient questionnaire; Preinterview; Respiratory diseases.

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